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Stonker All-Rounder GT Series SUPs

Armstrong Foils

New arrival Armstrong HA925 WING

Australian Timber deck SUPs hand-made at Stonker Torquay

Custom made Foilboards - Choice!

Not sure which board to take home? Check out our Demo / Try B4U Buy - Program

8'6, 9'0 or 9'6? 32" wide or 34" wide? Here at Stonker our goal is to make sure you get the perfect board. We offer a Demo / Try B4U Buy - program where the amount you spend on trialling a demo board comes off the final purchase price. With a $200 max credit, you can try a range of boards to make sure you take home the right board for you

That's right... We stock Armstrong Foils!

Ultra Light Full Carbon Construction

Armstrong's use of a full carbon setup and well engineered joints gives you the lightest possible foil without compromise. With a bleeding edge design, you won't find another foil as awesome as this, check 'em out here!

Cutting Edge A+ System

The new A+ system is unlike anything the foiling world has seen before. Now you can really take your foiling to the next level with these game changing upgrades

Space Age Titanium Core

The titanium core, as opposed to the traditional aluminum build other brands use, not only makes Armstrong's foils ultra strong and light, but also kills the need for lubricant to stop your foil fusing together. It also means you don't have to worry about the stainless steel screws ruining your foil!