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I am stoked with my purchase of an Armstrong set-up from Alex at Stonker. Alex was really helpful and the delivery and gear was perfect. Couldn’t be happier!


Really happy with my Armstrong board bag purchase! Every aspect of the bag has been well thought out, it will be great for traveling. You couldn't ask for a better quality product! Thanks for the great service and fast postage, it really helped me out.


First thing I noticed when my Armstrong Foil arrived was how phenomenal the build quality was. Attention to detail. The carry bag. The hardware. The storage sheath for the fuselage. Front and rear wing covers. Tidy. Neat. And just done properly with the clear intent of quality. And sliding the fuselage into the hex assembly at the base of the mast for the first time... Once again the intention of a robust, no nonsense approach to the foils engineering was impressive. And the visible layers and weave of the carbon fibre is sexy as hell on all major components of the foil, let alone the inherent strength to weight ratios.

I’m completely green to foiling but wanted to start with a brand that gave me confidence in its build quality, the products life-span and trust in the brands dedication to future-proofing or adaptability to evolve as my foiling ability evolves.

Alex at Stonker was a champ to deal with. Excellent communication. Easy to access and quick to get back to me when I was working out the nuts and bolts of my decision to invest in an Armstrong Foil. 


Hi Stonker crew

I have been prone riding an Armstrong 1550 with a short fuselage & a 232 rear wing for the last 6 weeks and I have had the greatest amount of fun & speedy progress in learning to pump, while still being able to turn very well when required. The setup even allows some bigger waves to be taken.

I have hit the bottom a number of times while paddling with only suffering scratches & no serious damage, so I think that the Armstrong products seem to be very well built. The titanium parts seem to be a very good idea, suffering far less corrosion.

I am happy with Stonker as a shop & have bought many watersports products from them & will continue in the future.


STONKER (noun); 1. Something great, exceptional 2. Slang for anything massive or large

Stonker is an innovative standup paddleboard (SUP), surfboard, kiting and foiling business with a commitment to supplying riders with the equipment they need to go in search of that perfect wave.