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2020 Stonker iSUP Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board - nearly sold out!!

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New for 2020, the Stonker 10'6" iSUP , offering you a budget price family stand up paddle board package without sacrificing quality! Complete with 3-Piece full carbon Paddle

If you’ve been thinking about trying stand up paddling, but are cautious of the extremely cheap packages on the market (and you should be!) but perhaps don’t have the cash for the best boards on the market (like Red Paddle Co), the Stonker iSUP range could be just what you are looking for.

The lightweight 10’6” is ideal for people under 80kg. Weighing in at just 8.5kg, this board is easy for smaller adults and kids to manage, either in the water or strapping it to the roof of the car or packing it in the boot.

Key design points –

The plan shape reflects who we are – surfers with a passion for stand up paddling. All our inflatable boards have a wide nose and middle section, with a slightly narrower tail. This makes it ideal for flat water paddling and for riding small waves. The major weakness in all the really cheap inflatable boards on the market is a bad plan shape, which can make them unstable, bad to paddle and even worse in the surf.

Rocker – having a virtually flat rocker, which increases both the paddling speed and the stability of the board, is essential. The poorly designed boards on the market have too much rocker. (Rocker is the curve of the board from nose tail, looking at the board in profile)

Flex – all iSUP boards flex when you stand on them. If there is already too much rocker in the board, standing on it will make the problem even worse. We design our boards to have low rocker and minimum flex, so that the paddling performance is second to none!

Thickness – at 5” thick, these boards are thick enough to be strong, so that they don’t flex too much, and not so thick that they become unstable.

Fin – our boards feature a standard US longboard fin box, and we supply a good size fin, which makes the wave riding performance of these boards much better than your average iSUP. And if you happen to lose or damage the fin, you can very easily replace it.

Light weight 10'6" by 32" 245 litres (8.5kg) in a wheeled bag/backpack with carbon shaft, nylon blade paddle (880 grams) coiled leash and single action/single chamber pump. Recommended right weight - under 80kg