Carbon/Innegra SUP Series

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If you want a high performance small wave SUP board, look no further!

Available in 2 sizes -

7'10" by 30" by 106 litres

8'2" by 30" by 112 litres

5 genuine Future fin boxes, reinforced in high density foam inserts.

1/4" concave going in to 1/4" Vee in tail for smooth rail to rail transitions.

Depending on your ability and size, this board is great in small to medium size waves. Very stable for it's size, low swing weight making it very easy to throw around, this is a board that will get you stoked again and again! Oh, did I mention it's fast? Yep it's fast!

 Supertough Carbon/Innegra construction ensures you will get heaps of good sessions out of these boards.


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