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Stand Up Paddle board Rail Tape – Stonker


Stand Up Paddle board Rail Tape

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Clear rail SUP tape is a High Performance, very tough and durable Impact and Abrasion tape with high performance 3M Adhesive with excellent UV and High Temperature tolerances. SIZE: 50mm wide x 1.8m long CONTENTS: 2 x rounded strips 50mm x 1.8M, two 3M Alcohol Wipes, one squeegee aplicator. Easy to follow instructions at rear of the packaging.

We have compared this product with all other clear rail tapes on the market - this is by far the best.

Rail tape application - if you are worried about how well you might do this yourself, we can do it for you for just $20.00, if you bring your board to the shop. We have done hundreds of boards and can do it quickly and expertly!

This tape is now supplied as a standard feature on all our brand new boards.


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