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Konrad FLYR SS Series Foil Kits – Stonker


Konrad FLYR SS Series Foil Kits

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FLYR SS foil

The FLYR SS foil system is ideal for surf foiling, and low speed kite foiling. A large, highly manoeuvrable carbon fibre wing combined with a durable, stiff aluminium construction gives excellent performance and durability.

Key Features

  • Forged carbon fibre main wing and stabiliser
  • Aluminium mast and 3D CNC machined fuselage and base mount
  • Recessed base mount and fuselage connections for maximum stiffness
  • recessed torx head screws and included tools for easy high torque assembly
  • deep recessed main wing to fuselage connection for increased stiffness
  • Choice of 1296cm2 or 1573cm2 wing sizes
  • Wing bags included

Carbon fibre wings

The FLYR wing construction is amazingly light and durable, everything you need in your everyday foil. You can upgrade to the new carbon mast and fuselage and these wings will fit.

Torx screws

The included torx head screws allow a very solid and effortless assembly. Tools are included.

Aluminium base mount

The FLYR base mount is made of aircraft grade anodised aluminium, and features load spreading lobes and quick strip open mount slots. The mast has a set in design to increase mast stiffness giving you more control during flight.

Mounting hardware

T-mount hardware is included for mounting to industry standard tracks.

Optional Mast sizes

The FLYR ships with a standard 60cm mast. 70, 80 and 90cm masts are available.

Sleek assembly

The FLYR assembly is simple and sleek. This simplicity, and elegantly designed wing, are efficient and effortless through the water.