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Hyde Kites Voodoo Kitesurfing Kite – Stonker


Hyde Kites Voodoo Kitesurfing Kite

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The VOODOO revamped! Our all round single strut kite is even better for 2021. This "do everything" Kite is the perfect tool for the 1 Kite quiver. Surf, Foil, Boost, Freestyle and Freeride all in one kite with only 1 strut! The 2021 VOODOO has a thinner profile, less tension along the LE with no blow down factor, even at the high end. The bridles have been reduced in length for a more direct and pivoting turn while maintaining a perfect all in bar stroke depower.

The range is broken up in 4 categories being 4 different designs through out the range. 

Available in the following sizes: 

3,4,5,6 are Wave, Foiling and high wind specific, built toughest with minimal panels. 

7,8,9,10 are Wave and light wind Foiling, Freeriding machine, great for jumping. Increased arc and panel count.

11,12,13,14 Mid range Freeride Boosting and Light wind Wave Kites. Increased arc and panel count.

15,16,18,21 are Light Wind specific, if you don't live in a place thats deep enough to Foil these kites will get you riding sooner and turn like your 12m does!! Reduced ARC and highest panel count.

Additional: Kite platform is 1-STRUT, comparable to any 1-strut kite specific to Wave, Foiling, Racing and Freeride Boosting.

3 weeks order lead time. Please contact us with your preferred color choices.


Quoted review off

"I've got the Hyde one-strut kite, the Voodoo, in 6m and 10m sizes. Absolutely love them for foiling, waves, and even the random twintip session. The little 6m is quickly becoming my favorite kite I've ever owned. It really does it all. I've demo'd a 7m Enigma, their freestyle kite, and was equally impressed. Didn't have the guts to loop it that day, but really enjoyed boosting with it. I really need to get one!
Good kites at great prices.. can't beat that!"