Custom Stand Up Paddle boards - Made in Australia

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We have been making custom Stand Up Paddle boards here in our Torquay, Victoria, Australia, factory for over 8 years. We are blessed to live in an area with fantastic surf for at least 9 months of the year, the ideal environment for testing and developing different shapes and construction techniques. Check these pics of some of our very happy customers leaving the shop and riding some of our boards.

What we need to know - 

Size, shape, construction. Colors, artwork, weight. We will get your ideas and combine them with what we know and can do to help you get exactly the right board.

Our most popular SUP is the StonkBox but we can do anything you need. Timber, carbon fibre, fibreglass and other exotic composites can be used to build your dream board as strong and as light as possible.

Order now to get in the queue! Usual lead time is approximately 8 weeks.

$2200.00 covers price of the board, including all time involved in detailing your requirements. All extra hardware is available eg paddles, deck pads, fins, rail tape etc.



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