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Axis S-Series 920mm Carbon Front Wing – Stonker


Axis S-Series 920mm Carbon Front Wing

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The AXIS S-Series 920mm (wingspan) Carbon Front wing is perfect for your surf, sup, pump, downwind, wind or wake foiling sessions. If there is one wing to have, for versatility, the AXIS S-Series 920mm is the one.
Graphics on the wings give you all possible measurements so you can properly compare with other wings and foils and quickly swap to other sizes as needed. 

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920mm WING
Technical Data
CHORD: 250mm
ACTUAL AREA: 1852 square cm / 287 square inches
SPAN: 92 cm / 36 inches
PROJECTED AREA: 1816 square cm / 281 square inches
VOLUME: 3753 cubic cm / 229 cubic inches