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Carbon FLYR Mast and Fuselage – Stonker


Carbon FLYR Mast and Fuselage

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This a fantastic upgrade for riders who want to reduce weight and squeeze maximum performance from their setup. If you  already have the alloy set up, you can use your carbon wings on this new mast and fuselage.

Lovingly designed the mast profile varies throughout the entire length for optimal water flow and durability. The mast is constructed with high modulus carbon in several different configurations to give the best strength to weight ratio and flex pattern.

Constructed with solid carbon, the fuselage slides through the base of the mast and ustilises the same flat taper free system for holding the wing in place as the Alloy FLYR. This allows the use of all wings in the range.
Titanium hardware
All screws, inserts and even t-nuts are billet machined titanium with Torx heads which cuts down galvanic corrosion and keeps the parts looking good even after years in the salt water.
Tough construction
The foil uses M8 screws for assembly in all the parts that need strength, the stabiliser uses M6.

If you are a rider that wants the best of the best this is the foil for you.

Only available in 75cm mast length.

Comes with mast bag when buying mast and fuse combo.