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Carbon Bamboo SUP series – Stonker


Carbon Bamboo SUP series

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Our premium quality production board - Carbon Bamboo Series - high quality construction, super cool looking. Deck layup is carbon/bamboo/ fibreglass sandwich which is strong and light. The larger sizes are nice on flat water and small waves - the smaller waves are excellent in the surf.

Five fin boxes for the ultimate flexibility in fin set ups - single, twin, quad or thruster!

"Resined on" deck pad for long life.

Pop up handle for easy carrying.


Sizes available

10'6 by 34" by 210 litres

8'8" by 30" by 128 litres

8'5" by 30" by 119 litres

8'2" by 31" by 118 litres

7'10" by 30" by 106 litres



No free freight on SUP boards.

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