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Kitesurf, kiteboard lessons on the Surf Coast – Stonker

Kitesurf, kiteboard lessons on the Surf Coast

Stonker has been helping people to learn to kitesurf for over 20 years. We love helping you learn to do one of the most addictive sports there is!

Every year we start doing lessons around Christmas time, when the sea breezes start blowing regularly and we can spend the time with you in the water. It’s best if you’re available late in the afternoons, as that is when the wind is steady and strong enough for kiting.

Most of the time we hold our lessons in the flat water of Corio Bay in Geelong. Torquay is not a great place to learn to kite, but Pt Henry is one of the best and safest flat-water locations in the country to learn to kiteboard. Learning up in Melbourne means competing with 50-100 kiters in the water for your own space. It’s a crowded day in Geelong when there are half a dozen kiters out there, and they are always very welcoming of “newbies”. In fact, you’ll suddenly have a bunch of new besties if you learn to kite with us in Geelong!

If you are keen to start, give us a call in early November and we'll explain how it works. Kite lessons run from November to March when weather permits.