Cloud IX Foils (aka Cloud 9 or even Cloud Nine)

Cloud IX (or Cloud 9) are one of the world’s leading surf foil producers.

Maybe it’s the crazy combination of a New Zealander (KENT HARDLEY) and a Hawaiian (CHRIS GUTZEIT) living in California, we’re not sure, but whatever it is, they have come up with a unique range of foils in full carbon construction, with a range of wings for both the novice to intermediate foiler, and for the expert. They have designed hardware and perfected the manufacturing process, to bring you top quality gear at a very realistic price.

The X series wings are the one’s to start off on. If you want to progress to the level of doing carving turns and airs you’ll need the F series wings

Here’s a video of one of our local Stonker/Cloud 9 tream riders, Rick Pettifer at Pt Roadknight in Victoria, in only his second session on the F series wing. Rick was one of the best local SUP surfers before some friends introduced him to the art of foil surfing. No looking back for Rick now! If you follow him on Instagram, you’ll see what we mean.