Our Story

STONKER (noun);

1. Something great, exceptional.
2. Slang for anything massive or large.
Having a “Stonker” of a day!
What a “Stonker” performance!

Stonker is an innovative standup paddleboard (SUP), surfboard, kiting and foiling company with a commitment to supply riders with the equipment they need to go in search of that perfect wave or simply enjoy their passion. We use the highest quality & environmentally friendly materials available. For over 20 years we have specialised in quality shaping, glassing and board manufacturing along with a host of surfing and kiting related products.

Stonker is an Australian owned and operated company in Torquay Victoria local to some of Australia’s most famous surf beaches including Bells Beach which is where our new shapes and design get tested in all types of weather and swell conditions.

The Stonker Crew

Alex Gillan
(The Founder of Stonker)
Originally a competitive windsurfer Alex Gillan fell in love with kite-boarding after he first saw the sport in Hawaii in 1998. When he found that he couldn’t buy a kite-board in Australia, he decided to start making his own.

He launched his kite-board company Stonker in St Kilda Melbourne, the first in Australia, but wanted to be where the action was, which in the surfing world meant a move to Torquay, the surfing centre of Australia on Victoria’s surf coast.

He has since extended the Stonker brand into hand-made custom surfboards and stand up paddleboards, locally-made and imported accessories and clothing.

Murray Ceff
Murray started surfing in 1970 so has a few years experience under his belt, which is another way of saying "past his prime". But according to Murray, the best surfer in the water is the one with the biggest smile, so on that basis he's still doing well. Murray is the first person you are likely to encounter when you walk in to the shop, and gives great advice for those just starting out in surfing, kitesurfing or stand up paddling.

Eiji Shiomoto
(Shaper, Glasser and Board Designer)
Eiji started shaping surfboards over 45 years ago. In 1976 he opened a surfboard factory in Japan, since then he has traveled the world shaping and surfing boards. In 1997 he moved to Bells Beach Torquay, which he now calls home, shaping surfboards for Australian and International customers.

Kenta Fergusson
(Shaper, Glasser and Board Designer)
Certainly one of the better young surfers and SUP surfers in Victoria, Kenta joined the team here in 2017 and has proven his worth as a fast learning board builder and repairer.