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Stonker iSUP Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Stonker iSUP Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Righto... who wants a quality inflatable SUP to add to their outdoor activity arsenal?

"We do!".... yes, you do!

Alrighty then, jump on our online store or drop into our Torquay shop and grab this ripper Stonker iSUP special:

All Stonker iSUPs (normally rrp $1090) down to $790 including a $250 carbon fibre paddle

Quality made 5 inch drop stitch inflatable Stonker SUPs, 10.8 x 32 and 10.6 x 32, all with a 1 year warranty

The 10.6 comes in a 5-layer construction, 12kg model (dark blue) and a 3-layer construction, 7.5kg model (light blue) - super light

Nothing cheap and flimsy in this deal

Stonker iSUPs offering you a budget price family stand up paddle board package without sacrificing quality!

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