Custom StonkBox Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP)

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The revolutionary Gulliver VBOX changed the whole direction of high performance SUP board design. With the demise of Gulliver Sport, and having sold many of these boards ourselves, we decided that it really is a board that needs to be available to dedicated high performance SUP riders in Australia.  As a result of demand,  and in the spirit of progress we decided to take what we learnt form the Gulliver V Box Evo 2 and put together a new improved design which we believe is the next level of performance and will revolutionize the sport again. The fact that we are improving an existing Gulliver design we consider our new board by default a collaboration and thus have named it the "StonkBox".  Riding is Believing.   Enjoy!

Dimensions 8'6 by 28 1/2" by 4 1/2" by 133 litres

There are several advantages to this design -

1. Wide nose/wide tail giving straighter rails in a short length board gives incredible speed and manoeuvrability.

2. Widest point back from centre/lower volume in nose gives lower swing weight, making change of direction easy.

3. Radical tail shape/channel combined with double concave gives fantastic rear foot sensitivity and acceleration off the bottom of the wave.

Watch this video to see one of our team riders in action at Torquay Point earlier this year.

 Ask about getting a demo of these boards or coming to our demo days to try them out.


Machine shaped high density EPS foam, laminated with 2 * 6oz layers of fibreglass/carbon fibre .


Installed accessories - FCS Handle, FCS plug for Go Pro in nose, genuine Future fin boxes and fins. Stonker deck pad.

NONE IN STOCK? Get a Custom version - we can build you one here! Starting at $1900.00