Custom Stonker Stand Up Paddleboard "All-rounder" Australian Made Carbon 8'11"

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This model is perfect for either the novice stand up paddler who is an experienced surfer or as the next board for a person has been paddling on flat water mainly, but wants a board with more performance in the surf.

Identical in shape to our Carbon/Bamboo (full strength) and LITE versions, these boards have been shaped and glassed right here in Torquay, Australia. We employ 2 apprentices, who are guided by our master craftsmen, to keep the trade alive in Australia. These boards are lighter than our imported boards, giving a more easier feel on waves, more paddling acceleration to catch waves, and less weight on your ankle when you wipe out.

8'11" by 31" by 4 1/2" 140 litres

Construction - 50/50 Carbon/Glass top and bottom.


Standard accessories included in board price - LIFTSUP handle, Genuine Future fin boxes (side), longboard fin box, deck pad

Optional extras - 5 fin boxes, rail tape, colors.

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