Boards for Beginners

These boards will best fit those who have never touched a SUP, or only have had a few goes here and there.

The inflatable boards are best for flat water paddling and taking on small waves. As they are full of air they are extremely buoyant and stable to ride. Additionally, they don't require a roof rack to transport them around nor do they need a large area to be stored in as they compact down into a small suitcase sized bag. One of the best features about them for a beginner is that they are impossible to damage. So you won't have to worry about being gentle with them as they can take everything you throw at them!

The hard boards are great for the beginner who is interested in attacking some surf. They sit lower in the water than inflatables so they cut through the water beautifully. The magic formula for finding the best board for you is simply double your weight is equal to the approximate volume in liters of your board.