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Armstrong A+ Fuselage – Stonker


Armstrong A+ Fuselage

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Running through the heart of each fuselage is a solid

Titanium Core, our new A+System takes advantage of this
by incorporating full width Titanium Barrel Nuts across
both mast and front wing connections to lock them in
position. The unique HEX fitting for the mast and front
wing gives 360-degree surface contact, maximising the
load distributing area.

We’ve streamlined, strengthened and simplified the rear
wing connection by attaching the tail wing directly to the
A+System TC Fuselage and combining the current TTF
shape directly into the fuselage. For most riders this means
a simple, direct, shim-less connection of the tail wing.

For more advanced riders wanting faster, looser setups, we
have new low profile Polycarbonate Pro Shims, allowing
more than 5 angle settings at 0.5 degree increments, from
–1 degree to + 1.5 degrees for the tweakers out there.
The Polycarbonate Pro Shims also allow riders to take full
advantage of our cutting edge “Forward Geometry” boards.
The A+System TC Fuselage is fully compatible with all
existing HS and CF parts (wings, masts and tail wings). Plus
we have an upgrade kit available to retro fit your front foils
and current mast to A+System Barrel Nut fittings.

TC50: 340g
TC60: 407g
TC70: 475g 

TCW80 coming soon!