WASP, SLINGWING, Surfwing, Windwing?

WASP, SLINGWING, Surfwing, Windwing?

This product line and sport is likely to be the next big thing in watersports. Already taking off in Hawaii, look out for it as summer approaches in Australia. But what exactly is it?

Surfwing or Windwing, are generic terms for new wind harnessing devices, that are used when standing on some sort of board (most often using a hydrofoil) to propel you along with the ultimate aim of catching waves. It's sort of like kitesurfing, but there are no lines and control bar. It's sort of like windsurfing, but there is no mast or boom.It's sort of like something completely different and yet the same.

Check this video of Kai Lenny using the Ozone WASP.

It must be said that this is not a totally new concept. There was a thing called the Windweapon about 10 years ago, but that did use a short mast. What is going to make this  latest development take off though is the proliferation of foils (or hydrofoils) recently.

Foiling is difficult to learn without some sort of power source, like a boat or jetski. Put a foil on a small SUP board, grab hold of a windwing, and you have a power source. The progression may be from using a wind wing on standard SUP to then using one with a foil.

Foiling with a standard kitesurf kite is difficult to learn and inherently danagerous. Get rid of the bar and lines, and you have removed the complication of setting up on a crowded beach in summer, and the real danger of getting wrapped up in your lines.

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