New SUP boards are on the way

We have been getting our summer stock of SUP boards made overseas now for the past 6 years. We have used several different factories over that time, but for about the last 4 years I knew of one particular factory that I wanted to use, but because of our low volumes we weren't able to meet their minimum order quantity. So this year we placed our order with this factory, and I must say it has been an absolute pleasure working with them. For you, the customer, this means that you will be getting a superior quality product at a real value-for-money price. Mid-winter we received our prototypes and with just a little bit of fine-tuning, the finished products are now on the water and will be in the shop late October.

What's different about this years stand up paddle board? Most of the boards come in two levels of construction - FULL STRENGTH and LITE. The LITE boards are around 10% lighter, and an industry standard 2 * 6oz fibreglass layup with reinforcing patches in key areas. The FULL STRENGTH boards feature a deck that is first laminated with carbon fibre cloth, then genuine bamboo laminate (not just a print that some cheap boards have) with 6oz fibreglass over that. This deck is rock solid and will last quite a bit longer than the cheap boards on the market.

The FULL STRENGTH boards also feature the LIFTSUP handle. You can see from the pictures here that the handle pops up and you can get a decent grip on the board. This is much better to control the board with when you are out of the water, especially if it's a bit windy. When you are in the water, the handle just pushes back down in to the recess. It's a pretty neat design!

We also have a lot more boards to choose from this year and we will be continually adding to our range, in order to provide you with the most comprehensive range of boards available from an Australian based manufacturer. Being based in Torquay, we are really fortunate to have good surf for at least 9 months of the year and lots of different breaks so we can test ride our new designs for you. It's a tough job but someone has to do it!