Buying a RED paddle Co board from the UK

Just in case you're an Australian customer, and you are tempted to buy a RED Paddle Co board from an online seller in the UK, because it looks cheaper, be aware that it will actually almost as much as buying locally. 

Here's why -

1. The FREE freight is not free. It costs you $62.00AUD (on current exchange rates) to have it shipped outside the UK.

2. You'll pay GST before it gets delivered to you, so add on 10%

3. That's a total of $1546.00 which is $53.00 less than you will pay from us. (for a 10'6" Ride)

4. You won't get local advice and the help that a local dealer will give you.

5. You won't keep an Australian business operating and keep jobs in Australia.

6. And it will take you a couple of weeks to get it!

Support Australian jobs - buy local!